Can other users see my content?


No one can see what you've made in the Wendy app unless you've shared something directly with a friend.


How do I connect with other users?


Every user of Wendy has a friend code. You can find your friend code in the bottom of the left-hand navigation of the home screen under your profile name.


You can share your friend code with any user of Wendy by telling them your code directly, or clicking on Share My Code in the Community section.


How do I add a friend?


To add a friend, click on Community in the left-hand navigation and then Add Friend. Type in their friend code and wait for them to accept your request. A grown up is required to approve all connection requests.


How do I share my content with friends?


Once you've added friends in the app, you can share your content with them.


To share something, click on any content card and then click Share. You can select which friends you would like to share content with. Your friends can then use the characters or settings you send them in their own stories or read the story that you've shared.




How do I delete my data?


If you would like to delete your Wendy account or any data associated with your account, please email data@trywendy.com.


How does Wendy use my data?


We only use your personal data to contact you. We only use your in-app action data for the purposes of improving app functionality.


How can I read the Terms of Service?


Here's a link to our Terms of Service.


How can I read the Privacy Policy?


Here's a link to our Privacy Policy.



How do I reset my Parent Pin code?


Please email us at info@trywendy.com to reset your Parent Pin code.

How do I reset my Password?


You can reset your password on the initial app login screen. You'll receive a reset email. The email will not come from Wendy, but from Auth0. This is our secure login and password manager.




How do I share feedback with Wendy?


There are several ways to share feedback.


1. Surveys: During the Wendy Alpha, you will get several surveys to help us understand your experience. These will be sent to the email you signed up with. These are helpful to our team to understand your overall experience using the app.


2. Screenshots: If you find something in the app that is a bit weird or wonky, take a screenshot. Click on the share icon, and click Share Beta Feedback. This feedback will come to us through TestFlight, the testing platform we are using.


3. Email: If you want to share feedback, recommendations or concerns with us directly, please reach out to feedback@trywendy.com.


4. In-App: There will be places in the app that we also ask for feedback. This might be a place to send an email or a comment box.


How can I put my own names and ideas into the stories, characters and settings I make in Wendy?


We want to make Wendy as safe as possible for you. Limiting our selections in the creation process allows us to make sure nothing gets into the app that doesn't belong.


How do I add selections I don’t see in the app?


We want to make Wendy as safe as possible for you. Limiting our selections in the creation process allows us to make sure nothing gets into the app that doesn't belong. We want your ideas to become a part of Wendy too. In the future there will be in-app opportunities to submit your requests for new story, character or setting selections. For now, please send us an email at feedback@trywendy.com with your requests and we will add them to our database of choices.



What is TestFlight?


TestFlight is a testing app that allows us to try out the Wendy app with users before we release it in the App Store. It's a helpful way for us to see how the app works with users like you, what things need to be improved, and allows us try out new things before we release the app to everyone.


How do I contact Wendy?


If you want to chat with us, please send us a note at info@trywendy.com. 


What is Ethical AI?


The goal is for our use of artificial intelligence to be ethical. There's a lot of places where AI doesn't give credit to who helped power what's being created. We don't want to take things or use things that don't belong to us. Wendy is a place that will always support authors and artists. We are working with illustrators to help power our image generation and working with early childhood literacy experts to help craft our stories.


Is Wendy safe for my kids?


Yes! We designed Wendy in a way that will prevent things that aren't appropriate for kids from coming into the app. That means no open-ended prompts, reading level checks and safety checks on how our system is creating content.


Can I invite other people to use Wendy?


Of course! Please send them to TryWendy.com to sign up. They don't need to have kids, just an iPad.